Psychotherapeutische Heilpraxis

Jörg Schuber

About me

My  name  is  Jörg  Schuber,  born  in  Limburg  an  der  Lahn  in  Hessen  in  1968.  I  am  an alternative healing practitioner (qualified only) for psychotherapy and also a state certified Dip. Social  (Education)  Worker.  Basic  training  in  talking  therapy  for  short-term psychotherapy and crisis intervention as well as multimodal trauma therapy at the 'Institut für therapeutische Weiterbildung' in Frankfurt am Main. I am an experienced life coach and seminar teacher in the spiritual and psychological fields.

Since  I  was  19  years  old  I  have  been  actively  interested  in  psychology  and  the  various therapeutic  methods,  spirituality,  religion,  metaphysics  and  philosophy  alongside  my academic and therapeutic training.