Psychotherapeutische Heilpraxis

Jörg Schuber

Focus of Treatment

  • Spiritual psycho-oncology: spiritual and psychotherapeutic supervision for people with cancer and their relatives, also in the final stages, spiritual terminal care.
  • Spiritual and psychotherapeutic clarification and coming to terms with relationships, marriage and family constellations which are out of balance.

Other Spectrums of Treatment

  • supportive counselling for people concerned/family members of patients with dementia
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders (e.g. compulsive, recurring thoughts) 
  • Anxiety (social anxieties, insecurities, constant worries and fears) 
  • Acute crises after stressful life events e.g. separation, loss of friends or relatives through death.
  • life crisis and search for the meaning in your life 
  • mild to medium depression caused by exhaustion due to adjustment disorders and difficult life events 
  • counselling accompanying medical treatment and treatment for sleep disorders, sexual functional disorders, behavioral disorders, unexplainable medical conditions 
  • counselling accompanying medical treatment for disorders which have a psychological cause